Swingin' West - Mike Gross

www.twangtown.usa.com- Hour # 14

Songs from The Bob Wills Tunebook

  1. Theme
    • San Antonio Rose- Billy Mize (Hag)
    • My Shoes Keep Walking Back To You- Original River Road Boys
    • You Can't Break My Heart Without Killing A Soul- Dayna Wills
  2. Bob Wills Tribute Tunes From The 1970s
    • A Tribute To Bob Wills- Jimmy Wakely (MCR)
    • Bob, All The Playboys And Me- Gene Henslee (Billiefran)
    • Farewell Bob Wills Farewell- Benny Kubiak (Homa)
  3. Contemporary Western Concert- Songs About The Moon
    • Sail Along Silvery Moon- Wayne Austin (Dark Horse)
    • Moon Over Montana- Trudy Fair (Cowbaby)
    • Ol' Nevada Moon- Liz Masterson & Sean Blackburn (Western Serenade Music)
  4. Theme
    • My Confession- Spade Cooley (Standard Transcription)
    • Heart To Heart Talk- Mel Tillis (Radio)
    • Faded Love- John T. Wills (Vocal- Amy Lee Wills)
  5. Texas Dance Hall Time
    • Gonna Burn Some Bridges- Rick Fryefield (Kosher Kowboy)
  6. Faded Love- Frankie McWhorter (Maverick Books) (ASCAP)