Swingin' West - Mike Gross

www.twangtown.usa.com- Hour # 14

Western Swing Salute to T. Texas Tyler

  1. Theme
    • Careless Love- T. Texas Tyler (4 Star) (LP)
    • Oklahoma Hills- Pop Wagner & Twin City Playboys (409) (CD)
    • Bumming Around- Don Sulesky (CD)
  2. Western Swing Inspirational
    • Will There Be Any Stars- Joe Paul Nichols (Custom) (CD)
    • Santa Lucia- Ambrogio Gaigher (Genes) (Brazilian Import) (CD)
    • There is a River- Allen Karl (Century II) (CD)
  3. Theme
    • Ida Red- Bob Wills & Texas Playboys (Vocal- Tommy Duncan) (AFRS) (Country Routes) (UK Import) (CD)
    • Home in San Antone- Curt Shoemaker (Lunacy) (CD)
    • Divorce Me C.O.D.- The Mending Hearts (UK Import) (CD)
  4. Western Concert- Texas
    • Across the Alley from the Alamo- Flying J Wranglers (CD)
    • El Llano Estacado- Brian Burns & Tom Russell (Palo Duro) (CD)
    • Red River Valley- Earl Gleason & Bar D Wranglers (CD)
  5. Theme
    • Old Fashioned Love- Paul Anastasio & Dick Barrett (Swing Cat) (CD)
    • Frankie & Johnny- Interstate Cowboy (Ranch Ruckus) (CD)
    • Remember Me- Nick DeMaio (Young Pioneer) (CD)
  6. My Darling Nellie Gray- Dave Bourne (Old Coot) (CD)