Swingin' West - Mike Gross

www.twangtown.usa.com- Hour # 14

Former Merl Lindsay Oklahoma Nite Riders

  1. Theme
    • Water Baby Blues- Merl Lindsay Oklahoma Nite Riders (Unissued) (Krazy Kat) (UK Import)
    • Kentucky- Merle Travis (Jimmy Pruett- piano) (Country Routes) (UK)
    • Tulsa Straight Ahead- Stonehorse (Rudy Martin- saxophone) (Amethyst)
  2. Theme
    • Jersey Bounce- Gene Jones (Gene Jones Music)
    • Blue Bonnet Lane- Gene Crownover (OK Productions)
    • With Tears in my Eyes- Windy Wood (Vic Ashmead- Steel) (Rimstone)
  3. Western Concert
    • My Confession- Rex Allen (Hacienda) (Longhorn)
    • Texas Hills- Sons of the Pioneers (Granite)
    • In the Shadow of the Mission- Eddie Dean (WFC)
  4. Theme
    • I'm a Fool to Care- Bill Choate (Jimmy Young- fiddle) (Sims)
    • Silver Wings- Bobbe Seymour (ADF)
    • Keeper of my Heart- Glynn Duncan & Texas Playboys (Delta)
  5. Texas Dance Hall Time
    • Wait 'Til the Sun Shines Nellie- Johnny Bush & Darrell McCall (Step One)
    • Undo the Right- Curtis Potter (Hillside)
    • Rescue Me- Tommy D (Doss)
  6. Faded Love- Nokie Edwards & Light Crust Doughboys (Art Greenhaw)