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Swingin' West - Mike Gross

KSEY-FM December 27, 2015
3:00-4:00 PM (Central)

Top 10 "Swingin' West" Songs of 2015

  1. Theme
    • 10-Swingtime Lullabye- The Western Swing Authority (Canadian Import) (CD- Now Playing)
    • 9- Let's All Go to El Paso- Curio Cowboys (Ruido) (CD- Sunburst Saga)
    • 8- Back in My Texas Home- Hot Texas Swing Band (CD- Ain't Dead Yet)
    • 7- Meaning to Miss You- Christina DeMaio (CD- Bound)
  2. Theme
    • 6- Don Edwards for President- Red Hot Rhythm Rustlers (Musikode) (CD- Too Hot to Handle)
    • 5- Slow Boat to China- The Western Swing Authority (Canadian Import) (CD- Now Playing)
    • 4- It's a Sin to Tell a Lie- Mikki Daniel & Dave Alexander (Musikode) (CD- Cowgirl Swing)
  3. Theme
    • 3- Swingin' in Tucson- Kristi Nebel (Icebird) (CD- Detour)
    • 2- Navajo Trail- Asleep at the Wheel, Willie Nelson & Quebe Sisters (Bismeaux) (CD- Still the King)
    • 1- Lonesome Town- Coby Carter (CD- Legends)
  4. Western Swing Do Pop
    • Love Letters in the Sand- Mike Sweeney (CD- Steel After Hours)
    • Smile- Susan Riley (CD- Before It's Too Late!)
    • Georgia on My Mind- Don Sulesky (CD- Favorite Requests)
    • The Song is Ended- Pap & The Sidemen (Dark Horse) (Canadian Import) (CD- Back Here With Me)
  5. Maiden's Prayer- Buddy Emmons (Step One) (CD- Swingin' From the 40s Thru the 80s)