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Swingin' West - Mike Gross

KSEY-FM October 26, 2014
3:00-4:00 PM (Central)

Salute to Texas

  1. Theme
    • Texas Two-Step Time- River Road Boys (Buzzard Roost) (CD- Texas Two-Step Time)
    • That's Why There's Honky Tonks in Texas- Chuck Cusimano (Cusimusico) (CD- The Collection)
    • Fort Worth, Texas- Shoot Low Sheriff (CDs- Wanted in Texas & West Texas Country Comp. #54)
  2. Theme
    • There's a Little Bit of Everything in Texas- Joe Paul Nichols (Heart of Texas) (CD- Thanks a Lot)
    • Down the Trail to San Antone- English Brothers (WR) (CD- How the West was Sung)
    • New San Antonio Rose- Bill Ganz Western Band (CD- Trail Ridin')
  3. Theme- Western Concert
    • Streets of Laredo- Michael Martin Murphey (Paras) (CD- Cowboy Classics: Playing Favorites II)
    • Leaving Texas- Bob Thomas (CD- A Cowboys Story)
    • El Paso- Pat Meade (CD- Cowboy is His Name)
  4. Texas Dance Hall Time
    • After All- Joni Harms (2CD- From Oregon to Ireland)
    • Play Born to Lose Again- Dottsy (Heart of Texas) (CD- Meet Me in Texas)
    • Forever Yours- Curtis Potter, Tony Booth & Darrell McCall (Heart of Texas) (CD- The Survivors)
  5. Theme
    • Everybody's Somebody in Luckenbach- Jason Roberts (CD- That's My Home)
    • Somewhere in Texas- Buddie Hrabal & Memory Lane (CD- Somewhere in Texas)
    • Does Ft. Worth Ever Cross Your Mind?- Tommy Lopez (CD- Unissued)
  6. Lilly Dale- Jack Stoner (CD- Steel Time)