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Swingin' West - Mike Gross

KSEY-FM October 21, 2012
3:00-4:00 PM (Central)

Salute to the Stars of Nov. 10 & 11 Pedal Steel Guitar Association Weekend

  1. Theme
    • Time Changes Everything- Christina Mae (Jeff DeMaio- Steel) (CD- Souvenirs)
    • Buck- Van Manakas (Van- Lead Guitar & Doug Jernigan- Steel) (Rab) (CD- American Guitar)
    • Are You Sure- Gunsmoke (Fooch Fischetti- Fiddle) (Jeff DeMaio- Steel) (Young Pioneer) (CD- Tradition)
  2. Theme
    • I Started a Joke- Jim Cohen (Acceptable) (CD- Home, James)
    • The Letter That Johnny Walker Read- Asleep at the Wheel (Carco Clave- Steel) (Relentless) (CD-The Very Best of Asleep at the Wheel)
    • Can't Stop Myself From Loving You- Darlene Prince & The Old Friends (John DeMaille- Steel) (CS- Unissued)
  3. Theme
    • Going Up the Country- Chuck Lettes (CD- Going Up the Country)
    • Deep Water- Jenee Keener (Joe Wright- Steel) (CD- The Fiddlist)
    • Over Nevada- Tall Boots (Stacy Phillips- Resophonic Guitar) (Silver Sage) (CD- Rare Gems of America's Western Music Pioneers)
  4. Theme
    • Anthem- Andy Statman (Larry Eagle- Drums) (Shefa) (2CD- Old Brooklyn)
    • It's Raining- Steve Alcott (Steve Alcott- Bass) (CD- Texas Dance Hall Classics II)
    • Sweet is the Sound- Tom Reilly & Art Labriola (Tom Reilly- Steel) (CD- 7 String Swing)
  5. Theme- Doug Jernigan- Steel
    • I'm Satisfied With You- Carolyn Martin (Java Jive) (CD- Tennessee Local)
    • Little Red Wagon- Joe Paul Nichols (Heart of Texas) (CD- The Best of Volume Two)
    • Stallions- Dan Roberts (Old Boots) (CD- Cowhand.com)
  6. Maiden's Prayer- Geronimo Trevino III & The Geronimo Band (Half Breed) (CD- Love's Lost & Found)