- Swingin' West: Shows

Swingin' West - Mike Gross

KSEY-FM October 18, 2015
3:00-4:00 PM (Central)

Salute to the Stars of Nov. 8 Pedal Steel Guitar Association show

  1. Theme- Jeff DeMaio & Gunsmoke
    • Nickel & Dime Man- Gunsmoke (Vocal- Nick III) (Young Pioneer) (CD- Gunsmoke in Music City)
    • House Gin- Christina Mae (Jeff- Steel/Van Manakas- Lead Guitar) (CD- Bound)
    • Memories to Burn- Tony Reno Jr. (Jeff- Steel/Nick IV- Lead Guitar) (CD- Music for Hope)
  2. Theme- Cindy Cashdollar
    • Twin Guitar Special- Cindy Cashdollar & Herb Remington (CD- Slide Show)
    • Heart to Heart Talk- Asleep at the Wheel (Vocal- Lee Ann Womack) (Dreamworks) (CD- Ride With Bob)
    • Waltz of the Animals- Elana James (Snarf) (CD- Black Beauty)
  3. Requests
    • Right or Wrong- Kelli Grant (Silverfalls) (CD- Swing Like That)
    • Joyride- Curt Shoemaker (Lunacy) (CD- Mega Steel)
    • Snap Your Fingers- Texas Trailhands (TTT) (CD- Cowboy Swing 2)
  4. Theme- Another Grouping of Stars of Our Show
    • Hangin' On- Mike Sweeney (CD- Heart of Steel)
    • If Your Heart Ain't Busy Tonight- Darlene Prince & The Old Friends (John DeMaille- Steel) (Cassette)
    • Let it Be Me- Jim Cohen (Acceptable) (CD- Cohen Goin' Country)
  5. Theme- The Event Back-up Band
    • An Old Watermill- Dixie Doughboys (Big Creek) (Fooch Fischetti- Steel) (CD- Live at Lou's)
    • House of the Screaming Babes- Andy Statman (Larry Eagle- Drums) (Shefa) (CD- Superstring Theory)
    • Don't You Ever Get Tired of Hurting Me- Steve Alcott (Bass) (CD- TX Dance Hall Classics III)
  6. Faded Love- Bob Wills & Texas Playboys (Longhorn) (Bear Family) (German Import) (13CD/DVD- Faded Love)