- Swingin' West: Shows

Swingin' West - Mike Gross

October 4, 2008
2:00-3:00 PM (Eastern)

No Specific Theme

  1. Texas Songs
    • All My Ex's Live in Texas- Bobby Lueders (CD)
    • Swing from Texas- Cow Bop (Blujazz) (CD)
    • San Antone- Hank Stone (Texas Country Music & WTC) (CD)
  2. Western Concert- From New CDs
    • An Old Saddle for Sale- Cowboy Slim Rinehart (HOT) (CD)
    • A Dyin Breed- Royal Wade Kimes (Wonderment) (CD)
    • Woodsmoke at Sundown- Buckshot Dot (CD)
  3. Songs about Ladies
    • Ida Red- Swing Commanders (UK Import) (CD)
    • Sweet Georgia Brown- Herby Wallace (HWP) (CD)
    • Miss Molly- Art Greenhaw (AG) (CD)
  4. Mixed Grouping
    • Mockingbird Yodel- Judy Coder (Santa Rita) (CD)
    • Funky Loops- Chuck Lettes (CD)
    • The Radio Song- Hermann Lammers Meyer (Desert Kid) (German Import) (CD)
  5. Another Mixed Grouping
    • Les Freres Chevrafils- Calvin Vollrath (Canadian Import) (CD)
    • Green Snakes on the Ceiling- Jake Hooker (Startex) (CD)
    • Live Until I Die- Becky Hobbs (Stardust) (CD)
    • Salt River Valley- The Due West Trio (CD)
  6. Faded Love- River Road Boys (Stoneway) (Bellaire) (CD)