- Swingin' West: Shows

Swingin' West - Mike Gross

KSEY-FM September 27, 2015
3:00-4:00 PM (Central)

A Fiddle on Every Tune

  1. Theme
    • Spring Has Come- Hot Texas Swing Band (Erik Hokkanen- Fiddle) (CD- Ain't Dead Yet)
    • Not Stickin' Around- Katie Glassman & Snapshot (Fiddle Parlor) (CD- Dream a Little Dream)
    • Bambi & Thumper- Calvin Vollrath (Canadian Import) (CD- Friendship)
  2. Theme
    • You Can't Make it Up- Rick and the Ramblers (Airflyte) (In 2CDs- Riding My Guitar & Welcome to Our Vermont)
    • If I Don't See You Again- Dayna Wills (Danny Levin- Fiddle) (CD- Look Who's Back)
    • Ashokan Farewell- Tim Johnson (CD- American Fiddler)
  3. Theme- Western Concert
    • Rockin' to Roll- Lone Prairie (Mark Brown- Fiddle) (CD- Cowboy Ways)
    • Utah Carroll- Earl Gleason (Matt Palmer- Fiddle) (CD- Saturday Nite)
    • Silver on the Sage- Sons of the Pioneers (Fiddles- Ken Lattimore & Ricky Boen) (Pioneer) (CD- Melody Mesa)
  4. Theme- Texas Dance Hall Time
    • Lest We Forget- Jason Roberts (CD- That's My Home)
    • I Went to Bed Loving You- Landon Dodd (Bobby Flores- Fiddle) (HOT) (CD- Call of the Wine)
    • Tonight He Laid Her Memory to Rest- Johnny Bush (Reggie Rueffer- Fiddle) (HOT) (CD- Lillie's White Lies)
  5. Theme
    • High Upon the Mountain- Elana James (Snarf) (CD- Black Beauty)
    • Horse Lover- Mary Kaye (Ryan Shupe- Fiddle) (Don't Fence Me In) (CD- Ride a Wide Circle)
    • Old Dance Floor- Western Swing Authority (Shane Guse & Dan Howlett- Fiddles) (Canadian Import) (CD- Now Playing)
  6. Maiden's Prayer- Finch & Friends (David Finch- Fiddle) (CD-The Fiddle Made Me Do it)