Swingin' West - Mike Gross

April 2007 www.twangtown.usa.com- Hour # 14 Now- August 27, 2017

They All Sang For Bob- The Vocalists (Part II)

  1. Theme
    • Whose Heart are You Breaking Now- Orig. Texas Playboys Under Dir Leon McAuliffe (Vocal-Joe Ferguson) (Delta)
    • An Old Watermill- Johnny Gimble & Texas Swing Pioneers (CMH)
    • Yours- Texas Playboys (Vocal- Bob Lee) (Tulsa-8/11/84) (Delta)
  2. Theme- More Bob Wills Texas Playgirl Vocalists
    • Let Those Brown Eyes Smile at Me- Billy Jack Wills Band (Vocal- Evelyn McKiney) (Sacramento TV-1959)
    • We're Playing on- Texas Playgirls (Vocal- Darla Daret) (Glad)
    • Trouble in Mind- Louise Rowe & Rowe Brothers
  3. Theme
    • Take Me Back to Tulsa- Luke Wills (WSS-Sacramento)
    • Take it Away Leon- Leon McAuliffe (Vocal- Keith Coleman & Bob White) (Stoneway)
    • Mope Along- Carrot Top Anderson (Sierra)
  4. Theme
    • Cadillac in Model"A"- Billy Jack Wills (Joaquin)
    • My Confession- Harley Huggins (Radio- 1948)
    • The Everlasting Hills of Oklahoma- Jimmie Widener & the Country Gentleman (Radio- early 60s)
  5. Theme- Others that Sang on Record with Bob in Days After
    • They Took the Stars Out of Heaven- Billy Carter (Vocal- Johnny Preston) (Triangle)
    • Tater Pie- Carolina Cotton & Tex Williams Band (Kit Fox)
    • Heart to Heart Talk- Mel Tillis (Radio)
    • Crying in the Chapel- Darrell Glenn (NRC)
  6. Faded Love- Frankie McWhorter (Maverick Books)