- Swingin' West: Shows

Swingin' West - Mike Gross

KSEY-FM August 26, 2012
3:00-4:00 PM (Central)

Where Western Swing & Western Music Meet

  1. Theme
    • Just a Little Bit Cowgirl- Red Hot Rhythm Rustlers (Musikode) (CD- Breakin' Out)
    • Good Friends- Stardust Cowboys (CD- Honky Tonk Cowboy & The Desert Flower)
    • Prairie Schooner- Janet McBride (Brookhurst) (CD- Still Loving the Ride)
  2. Theme
    • Cowboy Rides Away- Prescott Playboys (CD- Live at the Raven Cafe- Disc 1)
    • Thinkin' Outside the Corral- Way Out West (Blue Bhikku) (CD- Saddle Sore Blues)
    • Luckiest Cowgirl- Mary Kaye (CD- No Wilder Place)
  3. Salute to the Don's
    • I Don't See No Country in Them Heels- Don Sulesky (In 2 CDs- Favorite Requests & Shenandoah)
    • I Will Never Be Your Fool- Don Burnham (Redoubtable) (CD- I Dreamed Count Basie Was a Cowboy)
    • The Windmill at Willow Creek- Don Powell (CD- You Wanna Ride My Train)
  4. Texas Dance Hall Time
    • I'll Go Back to Her- Gerry & Jeff Bradshaw (Canadian Import) (The Music Shop) (CD- Brothers)
    • Add Another Fool to the Flame- Johnny Bush (Heart of Texas) (CD- Lillie's White Lies)
    • House So Full of Everything But You- Hank Stone (TCM) (CD- In a Texas Honky Tonk)
  5. Theme
    • Redwing- The Western Swing Authority (Canadian Import) (CD- The Western Swing Authority)
    • Ol Buttermilk Sky- Barbara Nelson (CD- Round Up Ready)
    • Trail's End Theme Song- Stephanie Davis (Recluse) (CD- Western Bliss)
  6. Maiden's Prayer- Judy Coder & Pride of the Prairie (Santa Rita) (CD- By Request)