- Swingin' West: Shows

Swingin' West - Mike Gross

June 20, 2009
2:00-3:00 PM (Eastern)

In Memory of Bobby Boatright 9/30/39-12/28/08

  1. Theme
    • There's an Old Watermill by a Waterfall- Brady Bowen (WTC) (CD)
    • Take the 'A' Train- Bobby Boatright (WTC) (CD)
    • Roly Poly- Johnny Johnson (CD)
  2. Texas Dance Hall Time
    • A Dime at a Time- Randy Brown (CD)
    • He Don't Deserve You Anymore- Rich Lester (CD)
    • That's What it's Like to Be Lonesome- Johnny Bush & Justin Trevino (HOT) (CD)
  3. Western Concert- Theme
    • Ridin' Hidin' Teardrops- Bob & Johnny Boatright (Cowboy Serenade) (CD)
    • Boots and Saddle- Don Edwards (Western Jubilee/Dualtone) (CD)
  4. Theme
    • Old Fashioned Love- Tom Morrell & Timewarp Tophands (WR) (CD)
    • Too Many Irons- Sweethearts in Carhartts (Vocal- Jean Prescott) (CD)
  5. Composer's Corner- Cindy Walker
    • Sugar Moon- Johnny Jansen & the Renegades (CD)
    • What Makes Bob Holler- Lionel Wendling (French Import) (CD)
    • Bubbles in my Beer- Kelli Grant (Silverfalls) (CD)
    • Blues for Dixie- Buddy Stephens (Vocal- Greg Gibbs) (CD)
  6. Darling Nellie Gray/Goldmine in the Sky- Bobby Boatright (CD)