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Swingin' West - Mike Gross- May 28, 2017

Originally- October 11, 2008

Salute to the Hanks

  1. Theme
    • Hank Was his Name- Les Gilliam (Lunacy) (CD)
    • You're so Different- Hank Penny (Vocalion) (Krazy Kat) (UK Import) (CD)
    • A Fool Such as I- Steve Alcott (Vocal- Dave Hansen) (CD)
  2. Theme- Hank Thompson
    • Dial L.O.V.E for Me- Hank Thompson & Brazos Valley Boys (HOT) (CD)
    • Oklahoma Hills- Jim Garling (CD)
    • Misty- Brazos Valley Boys (Free State) (CD)
  3. Texas Dance Hall Time
    • If Her Lips are Moving- Kelly Spinks (West Texas Country) (CD)
    • Yes Ma'am- Curt Shoemaker (Vocal- Sharon Kenaston) (Lunacy) (CD)
    • Your Jealousy- Hank Stone (TCM) (CD)
  4. Theme- Hank Locklin
    • Please Help me I'm Falling- Lynn Owsley (CD)
    • You're the Reason- Gail and Denny Secord (DGS) (CD)
    • Send me the Pillow- Bob Lucier (Canadian Import) (CD)
  5. Theme- Hank Williams
    • I Saw the Light- Herby Wallace & Thumbs Carllile (HWP) (CD)
    • Mind Your Own Business- B.Jeff & Patricia Stone (Stardust) (CD)
    • Mansion on the Hill- Don E. Curtis (Scotty's Music) (CD)
  6. Maiden's Prayer- Joe Stephenson (Adobe) (CD)