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Swingin' West - Mike Gross

KSEY-FM March 30, 2014
3:00-4:00 PM (Central)

Western Swing Heart Songs

  1. Theme
    • You Can't Break a Heart- Bob Wills (Vocal Joe Andrews) (Longhorn) (13CD/1DVD- Faded Love)
    • Heartache Overdone- Travis Bruner & Peter Harris (CD- On the Shoot)
    • Weeping Heart- Hank Singer (Yellow Rose) (CD- Play Fiddle Play)
  2. Theme
    • Heart of a Clown- Johnny High-Hat (Bottle) (CD- Heart of a Clown)
    • Faint of Heart- Time Jumpers (Vocal- Dawn Sears) (Rounder) (CD- The Time Jumpers)
    • Some Broken Hearts- Chuck Lettes (CD- Some Broken Hearts)
  3. Western Swing Do Western Sacred
    • God Made Me a Cowboy- Lawrence Bishop (West Texas Country) (CD- Compilation #26)
    • The Place Where I Worship- Craig Chambers (WR) (CD- Goin' to Town)
    • Home on the Range- Victor Johnson with Kathryn Claire (Putumayo Kids) (CD- Cowboy Playground)
  4. Texas Dance Hall Time
    • Old Faithful- Mike Sweeney (CD- Live in Waterloo, IA)
    • Things Are Lookin' Up- Brady Honeycutt (CD- Nothin' to Lose)
    • That Makes Two of Us- Amber Digby & Justin Trevino (Heart of Texas) (CD- Keeping Up Appearances)
  5. Theme
    • Teardrops in My Heart- 101 Ranch Boys (Security) (BACM) (CD- Picking Cotton Down South)
    • Keeper of My Heart- Tulsa Playboys (Vocal- Jody Nix) (CD- Tulsa Playboys and Friends)
    • If This Ain't a Heartache- Chuck Cusimano (Cusimusico) (CD- The Tyler Sessions)
    • Cold Cold Heart- Buck Pizzarelli (Arbors) (CD- Back in the Saddle Again)
  6. Polk County Two Step- 7 Rowe Brothers (Talent) (Krazy Kat) (UK Import) (CD- Playboy Boogie)