- Swingin' West: Shows

Swingin' West - Mike Gross

March 16, 2007
1:00PM- 4:00PM (Eastern)

Western Swing Do Country and Western
First Hour

  1. Theme- Country
    • Memory #1- Bob Wills (Vocal- Tagg Lambert) (Kapp) (Bear Family) (German Import) (CD)
    • How Do You Talk to a Baby- Dugg Collins (SCR) (WTC) (CD)
    • Here Comes My Baby- Ron Elliot (Ronell) (CD)
  2. Steel Guitarist Spotlight- Vaughan Horton
    • Steel Guitar Rag- Curly Gribbs (Signature) (LP)
    • Stars Over Laredo- Red River Dave (Decca) (LP)
    • Roses of Yesterday- Elton Britt (RCA) (LP)
  3. Theme- Western
    • Red Wing/Golden Slippers- Texas Sand (CD)
    • Shenandoah- Mike Sweeney (From the Bandstand) (CD)
  4. Theme-Country
    • I Don't Hurt Anymore- Lou Dinning (1953-Radiozark) (Country Routes) (UK Import) (CD)
    • Candy Kisses- Texas Panhandle Band Under Dir. Hank Pell (CS)
    • Take Me as I am- Nick DeMaio (Young Pioneer) (CD)
  5. Theme- Western
    • Don't Fence Me In- Igor's Jazz Cowboys (CD)
    • I Want to be a Cowboy's Dream Girl- Janet McBride (Brookhurst) (CD)
    • When it's Round-up Time in Heaven- James Blackwood & Light Crust Doughboys (Doughboys) (CD)
  6. I Want Someone to Tell Me- Lucky Oceans (CD)
Second Hour
  1. Tomorrow St. Patrick's Day
    • This Bonny Land, America- Sisters of the Silver Sage (CD)
    • The Wild Rippling Water- Cowboy Celtic (WJR/Shanachie) (CD)
    • Danny Boy- Herby Wallace (Live-PSGA- 1993) (CS)
  2. Double Then and Now
    • Bummin' Around- T. Texas Tyler (Capitol) (LP)
    • Bumming Around- Gail and Denny Secord (DGS) (CD)
    • Somewhere South of San Antone- Bob Wills (Vocal- Tagg Lambert) (Kapp) (Bear Family) (German Import) (CD)
    • Somewhere South of San Antone- Billy Cate (Texas Chisholm Trail) (CD)
  3. Texas Dance Hall Time- I
    • I'm Glad to Have Her Back Again- Johnny Paycheck (Little Darlin) (Koch) (CD)
    • Some Time in the Night- Terry Smith (Rhinestone Rooster) (CD)
    • After Effects of Loving You- Lonnie Dean & Will Taylor (Silvercreek) (CD)
  4. Theme- Western (Vintage)
    • Cattle Call- Tex Williams (Country Routes) (UK Import) (CD)
    • Timber Trail- Rinear Trio (CD)
    • Ridin Down to Santa Fe & Close- Abbie Neal (Lou Christie) (EH King) (CD)
  5. Theme- Country
    • Oh, Lonesome Me- Weldon Myrick (Woodsmoke) (CD)
    • Swinging Doors- Henry Baker & Mickey Crocker (CD)
    • Last Date- Tony Farr (Farview) (CD)
  6. Ridin' on a Fender- Tom Morrell & Time-Warp Tophands (WR) (CD)
Third Hour
  1. Texas Dance Hall Time- II
    • She's Already Gone- Dixie Doughboys (CD)
    • I Flew Over Our House- Frankie Miller (HOT) (CD)
    • Just Someone I Used to Know- Tommy Alverson & Heather Morgan (Smith Entertainment) (CD)
  2. Western Swing Waltzes
    • Wednesday Night Waltz- Chet Atkins & Carter Sisters (Vocal- Chet Atkins & Helen Carter) (Country Routes) (UK Import) (CD)
    • Last Minute Waltz- Brent & Randy Mason (Battle Apple) (CD)
    • Beautiful Texas/Waltz Across Texas- River Road Boys (Buzzard Roost) (CD)
  3. Theme- Western
    • I'm Roundin' Up My Love For You- Monte Hale & Saddle Lads (Bel-Tone) (Britsh Archives of Country Music) (UK Import) (CD)
    • The Long, Long Trail- Desperados (Vocal- Ted Scanlon) (Rio) (CD)
    • High Noon- Scotty & Silverscreen Ranchands (CD)
  4. Mixed Grouping
    • That's How the West was Swung- Roy Rogers & Kentucky Headhunters (RCA) (CD)
    • Dallas- Doug Moreland (Big Hat) (CD)
    • Wabash Blues- Nolan Bruce Allen (Lone Star NY) (CD)
  5. Theme- Country
    • I Let My Mind Wander- Bobbe Seymour (Goldstar) (CD)
    • Seven Lonely Days- Marti Brom (Goofin') (Finland) (CD)
    • For the Good Times- Ivan Wood (CD)
  6. Faded Love- Frankie McWhorter (Maverick Books) (CS)