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Swingin' West - Mike Gross

KSEY-FM February 26, 2012
3:00-4:00 PM (Central)

In Memory of Those We Lost in 2011- Part I

  1. Theme- Clyde Brewer 1/19/30-1/8/11 ("80")
    • Gone & Left Me Blues- River Road Boys (Vocal- Clyde Brewer) (Buzzard Roost) (CD- Houston)
    • Texas Cowboy Stomp- Bill Dessens (Piano- Clyde Brewer) (CD- I've Waited a Lifetime)
    • Put a Little Texas in Your Swing- Mary Allen-Keating (Piano- Clyde Brewer) (CD- Put a Little Texas in Your Swing)
  2. Theme- Ralph Mooney (Steel) 9/16/28-3/20/11 ("82")
    • It's a Pity- Janet McBride (Brookhurst) (CD- Still Loving the Ride)
    • I'll Go Back to Her- Mike Headrick & Ralph Mooney (Country Discovery) (CD- Wailin')
    • Colors I'm Gonna Paint the Town- Red Kilby 10/27/66-10/9/11 ("44") (RLK) (CD- Keepin' It Real)
  3. Theme- Western Concert
    • The Old Double Diamond- Prickly Pair (Vocal- Locke Hamilton) 6/16/52-4/7/11 ("58") (Rockhouse) (CD- Saddle Up and Ride)
    • Ashokan Farewell- The Lobo Rangers (Fiddle- Billy Beeman (Died- 4/5/11) (Old Coot) (CD- Best of the Early Years)
    • Tumblin' Tumbleweeds- Ferlin Husky (Died- 3/17/11) ("85") (Capitol) (LP- Some of My Favorites)
  4. Theme
    • White Lightning- Dean Armstrong 7/2/23-3/6/11 ("87") & The Arizona Dance Hands (Vocal- Toni Clark) (CS- An Evening at Li'l Abner's)
    • Red Top- Texas Troubadours (Buddy Charlton-Steel) 3/6/38-1/25/11 ("72") (Decca) (LP- Country Dance Time)
    • Think of Me- Dugg Collins 7/2/43-1/11/11 ("67") (West Texas Country) (CD- Compilation #35)
  5. Theme- From Bob Wills & Johnnie Lee Wills
    • I'm Not Sorry- Johnnie Lee Wills (Steel- Buster Magness) (Died- 2/22/11) ("87") (Bullet) (Krazy Kat) (UK Import) (CD- The Band's A-Rockin')
    • Bob's Breakdown- Bob Wills (Drums- Jimmy Benjamin) 5/8/26-5/19/11 ("85") (Decca) (Bear Family) (13CD/1DVD Set- Faded Love- 1947-1973)
    • If I Had a Home to Go Home To- Bob Wills (Vocal- Johnny Preston) 8/18/39-3/4/11 ("71") (Kapp) (13CD/1DVD Set- Faded Love- 1947-1973)
    • Echo Yodel- Bob Wills (Bass- Tommy Varner) (Died- 4/14/11) (Decca) (Bear Family) (German Import) (13CD/1DVD Set- Faded Love- 1947-1973)
  6. Faded Love- Eldon Shamblin (Delta) (LP- Guitar Genius)