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Swingin' West - Mike Gross

February 16, 2007
1:00PM- 4:00PM (Eastern)

Top 10 "Swingin' West" Songs for February 2007
First Hour

  1. Theme
    • 10-I Don't See No Country in Them Heels- Don Sulesky (CD)
    • 9-Texas Two Step Music- Terry Smith (Rhinestone Rooster) (CD)
    • 8-They Don't Call me Darlin'- Ginny Mac (Common Ground) (CD)
  2. Steel Guitarist Spotlight- Steve Hinson
    • Choo Choo Ch' Boogie- Manhattan Transfer (Atlantic) (CD)
    • On the Shelf 'Til Midnight- Liz Lynn Metz (Six-One-Five) (CD)
    • Be Back in Texas- Brenn Hill (Red Cliffs Press) (CD)
  3. Theme
    • 7- Show Me- The Jazzabillies (Q-Tone) (CD)
    • 6- Eleven Eighteen Nadine Lane- Joe Paul Nichols (Custom) (CD)
    • 5- The Right Time- Jerry Webb (West Texas Country) (CD)
  4. Western Concert I
    • Don't Take your Guns to Town- Wylie & the Wild West (WJR/Dualtone) (CD)
    • Ridin' the Range- George Dickey (West Texas Country) (CD)
    • A Cowboy's Promise- RJ Vandygriff (GBS) (CD)
  5. Theme
    • 4- Dear Hearts & Gentle People- Swing Commanders (UK) (CD)
    • 3- More Than I Ever Bargained for- Reid Wells & Segovia 1862 (CD)
    • 2- Gotta Keep 'Em Movin' Along- Billy Mata & Texas Tradition (CD)
    • 1- Lost My Baby Blues- Reid Wells & Segovia 1862 (CD)
  6. Here Comes Billy- Don Powell (CD)
Second Hour
  1. Double Then and Now
    • My Confession- Spade Cooley (Standard Transcription) (LP)
    • My Confession- The Time Jumpers (Crosswind) (CD)
    • Deep Water- Bob Wills & Texas Playboys (Vocal- Tommy Duncan) (Liberty) (Bear Family) (German Import) (CD)
    • Deep Water- Ivan Wood Trio (CD)
  2. Western Swing Salute Duke Ellington
    • Caravan- Jody Carver (Arthur Godfrey- 2/8/55) (CD)
    • C Jam Blues- Jack Stidham (Stidham) (LP)
    • I Got it Bad- Elana James (Snarf) (CD)
  3. Texas Dance Hall Time
    • Nothing Like You- B'Ann (West Texas Country) (CD)
    • Not Afraid to Fall- Doug Moreland (Big Hat) (CD)
    • Meanest Jukebox in Town- Bobby Flores (Yellow Rose) & (CD Tex) (CD)
  4. 1950s Western Swing
    • You Can't Have Your Cake and Eat it Too- Texas Tophands (Everstate) (CD)
    • Tabby the Cat- The Whippoorwills (Standard) (Soundies) (CD)
    • Hey! Mr. Cotton-Picker- Tennessee Ernie Ford (1953-Radiozark) (Country Routes) (UK Import) (CD)
  5. Contemporary Western Swing
    • Sunday Morning Friends- Igor's Jazz Cowboys (Comstock) (CD)
    • Grocery Shopping- Amazing Incredibles (Edible) (CD)
    • Have I Ever Let You Down- Ranch Romance (Sugar Hill) (CD)
  6. Easy Does It- Gene Jones (Gene Jones Music) (CD)
Third Hour
  1. Western Concert II- Australian Western on Australian Imports
    • Redwing- Wayne Horsburgh (Country-City Entertainment) (LP)
    • Gymkhana Yodel- Heather McKean (Dino) (CD)
    • Who'll Tell the Cowboy- Leighton B. Watts (CS)
  2. Composer's Corner- Texas Dance Hall Time II- Harlan Howard
    • Heartaches by the Number- Marti Brom (Goofin') (Finland) (CD)
    • Pick me up on Your Way Down- Laura Cash (CD)
    • Another Bridge to Burn- Mike Sweeney (Vocal- Chuck Campbell) (CD)
  3. Songs of Ladies and Girls
    • Lady Be Good- Tim Johnson (CD)
    • Girls of Pajama Hill- Jon Rauhouse (Bloodshot) (CD)
    • Wave to me My Lady- Denver Darling (De Luxe) (British Archives) (CD)
  4. Western Swing Go South
    • Tennessee- Doye O'Dell (Exclusive) (CD)
    • Macon City Limits- Bobbe Seymour (CD)
    • Peach Pickin' Time in Georgia- John England (Vocal- Tommy Hannum) (CD)
  5. Mixed Grouping
    • Seabirds/Hot Noodles- Herb Remington & Rick Alexander (RACo) (CD)
    • If I Only Had Known- Joe Johns (Faded Rose) (CD)
    • Roadkill Cafe- Howard Steele (West Texas Country) (CD)
  6. Maiden's Prayer- Gordon Terry (History) (LP)