- Swingin' West: Shows

Swingin' West - Mike Gross

KSEY-FM January 27, 2013
3:00-4:00 PM (Central)

Western Swing Sounds of Hawaii, Oklahoma & From Across the Atlantic

  1. Theme- From Across the Atlantic
    • Shotgun Boogie- Stretch Dawrson & the Mending Hearts (UK Import) (CD- Straight From the Fridge)
    • Clitheroe- Swing Commanders (UK Import) (CD- Bright Lights)
    • Jack I'm Mellow- Lil' Linn & the Lookout Boys (Enviken) (Swedish Import) (CD- Sharpshooting Gal)
  2. Theme- Hawaii
    • You Don't Have to Be Hawaiian- Herb Remington (Vocal- Mel Remington) (CD- Hawaii Swings)
    • Keep Your Eyes on the Hands- Leonard T. Zinn (CD- Aloha From Hawaii)
    • Hawai'i Nei- Combo Mahalo (Glad) (CD- Flight of the Blue Manu)
  3. Western Swing Do Country
    • To See An Angel Cry- Billy Mata & Texas Tradition (KtttM) (CD- By Request)
    • If I Ever Get Lucky- Merle Haggard (Lost Highway) (2CD- Last of the Breed)
    • Release Me- Herb Remington (CD- Pure Steel)
  4. Western Concert- Songs of the Red River Valley
    • So Long to the Red River Valley- Johnny Bond (Bloodshot) (CD- Standard Transcriptions)
    • The Last Song- Erich McMann (Paisley Cowboy) (CD- The Last American Songbook)
    • Red River Valley- Trails & Rails (CD- Water, Weeds & Ghosts)
  5. Theme- Oklahoma
    • Take Me Back to Tulsa- Gary & Sue Ball (CD- Western Classics)
    • T-U-L-S-A, Straight Ahead- Shoot Low Sheriff (CD- Wanted in Texas)
  6. Faded Love- Jim Loessberg (Startex) (CD- Sawed-off Shotgun)