- Swingin' West: Shows

Swingin' West - Mike Gross

KSEY-FM January 18, 2015
3:00-4:00 PM (Central)

Requests, Hank Williams Memories Western Swing Style & Oklahoma

  1. Theme- Requests
    • Back in the Saddle Again- Scotty & the Silverscreen Ranchands (CD- Tribute to the Singing Cowboys)
    • Texas is Still Home to Me- Craig Chambers (WR) (CD- Goin' to Town)
    • Would You Marry Me Again- Van Howard (CD- Country Classics Remembered)
  2. Theme- Oklahoma
    • They've Taken Bob Back to Tulsa- Buck Reams & the Range Riders (CD- Swinging on the Range)
    • Take Me Back to Tulsa- Jeff Woolsey & the Dancehall Kings (Shuffle One) (CD- Live from Pearls)
    • Faded Love/Maiden's Prayer- Brady Bowen & Friends (West Texas Country) (CD- Instrumentals)
  3. Texas Dance Hall Time
    • Let Me Be the Judge- Amber Digby (Heart of Texas) (CD- Passion, Pride & What Might Have Been)
    • She Went a Little Bit Farther- Garry Ash (CD- Man in the Moon)
    • When the Grass Grows Over Me- Ernie Sykes (Ampersand) (CD- Brand New World)
  4. Western Concert- Salute the Ladies
    • Katie and the Navajo Rug- A Little Farther West (Town & Country) (CD- A Little Farther West)
    • Clementine- Rick Pickren (CD- The Call)
    • I'll Take You Home Again Kathleen- Eddie Dean (Standard Transcriptions)
  5. Theme- Hank Williams Western Swing Style
    • Mansion on the Hill- Bruce Green (Star) (Australian Import) (CD- For the Good Times)
    • Half as Much- Barbara Nelson (CD- Crazy Western Swing)
    • I Can't Get You Off of My Mind- Johnny Bush (Heart of Texas) (CD- Lillie's White Lies)
  6. Darling Nellie Gray/Goldmine in the Sky- Bob Boatright (CD- There's Gonna Be a Party for the Old Folks)