Album: I Dreamed Count Basie Was a Cowboy
Artist: Don Burnham
Label: Redoubtable

Don Burnham, the leader of Lost Weekend, the fantastic San Francisco, CA Western Swing band has just released a new album featuring 12 incredible cuts that he wrote, sings, plays rhythm guitar and produced and was backed by Lost Weekend.

For backing vocalists Don chose Chris O'Connell, Bobby Black, Bernard Peyton, Rick Dougherty, Tony Marcus, Pamela Brandon, Sarah Duckworth Burnham, Barbara Corff and Mylos Sonka. The steel guitarist heard is Hall of Fame member Bobby Black while former Asleep At the Wheel and Merle Haggard alumnus Paul Anastasio plays the fiddle with real class. Mark Holzinger is heard on lead guitar, Bing Nathan- bass and Shota Osabe plays piano. Jim Rothermel is found on reeds, Dan Barrett is heard on trumpet and Kevin Porter plays trombone. Rick Alegria is the drummer on all but one cut which has Trey Sabatelli. Bob Applebaum is the album mandolinist

The album opens with a fantastic cut and probable future hit Go Man, Go! There is a great Texas dance hall style item, I Can't Two-Step Houston Out of My Mind and another gem, the album title tune, I Dreamed Count Basie Was a Cowboy. Other enjoyable items are Fern Frond Boogie, Ms Busy, That's What I Love About You, Ex Factor and I Will Never be Your Fool. Then there are the three great cuts that Don had on a 2008 three tune CD, the hit Apple and Google and Gold, A Dog's Life and Driving Lesson. Finally, there is Don and the group's version of the jewel Emmett that Tom Morrell and the Time-Warp Tophands did so well a few years back. Don dedicates this album to this late Steel Guitar Hall of Fame legend.

This very enjoyable album can be obtained for $18 US, which includes shipping from Don Burnham, P.O. Box 276, Groveland, CA 95321-0276.

Mike Gross, KSEY-FM, Seymour,TX
February 5, 2011